Hunting Season Ideas for Couples

Opening weekend during hunting season is always a big deal. We all know how it goes; we get everything prepared from our tags, bags, plans, and weapons. However, not all spouses hunt together (which is fine). So if you’re one of the ladies that stays behind as a, “hunting widow” here are some great things to do with your husband free time (or men, this is a great list for fun surprises for her).
1) Book a spa trip for her, a gift that kind is hard to turn down.

Maybe if you and your buddies have ladies that are friends as well, you could get a group rate. Men go one direction ladies go the other. Or if there are families involved, let her take her weekend first. It will be well worth it for a great opening!
2) Ladies- go shopping.

Sit down and discuss gift ideas before the husband leaves and enjoy!  Make a budget, and hand over the debit card for her to get the shopping done while you are hunting. Sounds like a win-win to me!
3) Family.

Does she have any family she hasn’t seen in a while? Treat her to a trip to see that grandparent, parent, sister, brother, aunt, whoever she might enjoy seeing. Of course, we need to make sure she is happy first.

4) If there’s a lot going on, help schedule and plan a few of the tasks she’ll be left with (with her ok of course)

Sometimes big things coincide with hunting season. One time we had a big move and needed to be moving that weekend, but my husband is a die hard.  I was prepared to do it alone but he surprised me by hiring Fargo’s Best Moving Company. They came and started all the packing and heavy lifting.  It was such a blessing for me- and took off so much stress for both of us!

You might be in a relationship that has been through a couple of openings and had a routine down. Some ladies know what they will be doing while you are out in the wilderness. Just remember to show her how much you appreciate your trip. A small gift or gift card will show her you are not just thinking of yourself. You will come home refreshed from hunting knowing you did something nice for the person waiting for you back at home base.

We also all know some women are just as excited about opening as you are! Not because they want to with you, but because they have been planning the weekend as long as you have! Most of us are in a good place in our relationship, but a few hours or days away from each other always builds and refreshes a relationship. You will be able to tell her all about your trip, and she will be able to tell you all about whatever it may be she decided to do while you were gone. A couple of tips to help this conversation go smoothly are as followed:

1) When you are out on your hunting trip, make a conscious decision to remember a few pieces of the journey that she might enjoy hearing about. Not guy gossip that is against the man code, but if she enjoys the fall colors maybe describe to her how you were in your blind watching the sun go down, and the colors of the changing leaves remind you of the season of life you two have been through together. Change the words up a little just in case she reads this, but you get the idea!
2) When she is telling you about her weekend, listen. Again, remember highlights of her conversation with you. Let her know you are paying attention. Talk about what she is talking about, nothing about your trip, hers only. This attention you give her while she is talking will show her you actually do care how her time away from you went and that she is important to you. Your welcome.

We here at the blog send you all the best luck during this current hunting season. While it is a big deal for you, keep her in mind too. You will be glad you did!